8 Weeks Since Breast Augmentation Areola Incisions Not Healed What Should I Do?

I got 285cc silicon I'm 110 5'4 on march 17 my stitches keep opening my doctor has stitched me up 4 times and have been in 2 coarses of antibiotics. My incision re opened and I been cleaning them and covering with gauze but I'm not sure if I should once again ask my dr to close them or let them heal

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Incisions not healing

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It is a little worrisome that the incision won't stay healed. Especially if there is any type of drainage from the wound. If this is the case you need to have your surgeon culture the drainage and make sure that the antibiotics are effective for your particular case. If you actually have an real infection around your implant it very well might not be able to be "cured" without removing the implant. This would be just temporary but obviously a giant inconvenience at the very least.

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