Painful, Tender Breast 2 Weeks Post-op

just over two weeks into recovery since my breat augmentation (submuscular)Mar 21st 2011. Most apparent swelling has gone down and ten days after no real pain. However, now my left breast is now painful and tender around the incision area up to just below the nipple. No pain meds seems to alleviate it. Checked with doctor to rule out infection and he confirmed none. Thinks it may be suture pain. Is this normal? Just healing?? very worried and need some assurance as to what to do.

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Breast Augmentation Post operative Pain

Pain after Breast Implant Surgery

Thank you for the question.

What you have described is quite common  during the first 2 months after breast augmentation surgery. It is likely due to musculoskeletal strain and/or irritation of nerves after the body altering surgery.   It tends to happen periodically and is self resolving.  in a be related to positional changes, over activity, or may occur without provocation at rest.

Occasionally anti-inflammatories may be helpful. If persistence and/or is accompanied by other findings ( such as increased swelling and or firmness of the breasts)  the patient should seek follow-up with her plastic surgeon ASAP.

I hope this helps.

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Post-op pain

It is not uncommon for someone at your stage in recovery to experience some pain and discomfort. Most patients do not heal symmetrically. They notice pain on one side more than the other. This is normal. Continue to massage your implants to break up any scar tissue and see your surgeon if this persists.

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