7 Weeks After my SMAS Lift, Hard Lumps and Striations. Massaging Not Seeming to Get Any Better? (photo)

I had a SMAS lift 7 weeks ago, and very unhappy with results. Had a coupe second opinions, and seems docs style was not good. I have hard, visible lumps on one side that look like a welt, and obvious line (striations) on the other. So tight, when I turn my head it pulls my eye down on one side. Had necrosis and I'm not a smoker. Was told it was too thing and too tight a flap. Just want these lumps and lines to go away so I can feel normal and not have to hide under my hair... any thoughts?

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Tissue Loss After Facelift

Your soft tissue loss has contributed to your "lumps".  This should improve over several months but may not completely resolve do to the loss of tissue.

Dr. ES

Lumps and Striations 7 Weeks After Facelift

It's very common to have some lumpiness and discoloration for many weeks following a facelift. Some of this is due to small collections of blood under the skin that become firm, some are due to a "bunching" effect from suture tension under the surface and some are due to irregular removal of subcutaneous fat.

The irregularities caused by the above factors tend to gradually smooth out and resolve during the first 3 months following surgery. However, sometimes overly-agressive liposuction in the face can damage the deeper layers of skin and create some longer-lasting striations. I'm not sure if this has happened in your case or not. I doubt it, but only time will tell

Off hand, I don't see anything in your photos that seems very concerning, and I suspect that you will continue to improve and will ultimately have a nice result.

Richard Parfitt, MD
Madison Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Lumps after a facelift

I am sorry that your full recovery from a SMAS facelift takes longer than expected. Some people have a natural tendency to form excessive scar tissue under the skin flap. This may cause hard lumps and noticeable tension lines on the sides of the face for a prolonged period of time. This issue, however, is self-limiting and eventually resolves. On the bright side, formation of the scar tissue helps to secure the skin in its new elevated position and may extend the longevity of your facelift results.

Best wishes!

Konstantin Vasyukevich, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Give it time

I know it's hard, but try to be patient!  It's still too early to wee the final result.  It looks to me like you are seeing the SMAS muscle beneath the skin which your surgeon dissected and elevated as part of a normal SMAS facelift.  Usually these settle with time, so I wouldn't recommend any intervention at this point.  Good Luck!

G. Robert Meger, MD
Phoenix Plastic Surgeon
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SMAS facelift

At 7 weeks it is still too early to see the final result. You may be feeling the repair of the SMAS and this usually flattens with time.  Best to consult with your surgeon.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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