4 Weeks After my Breast Lift my Left Breast Still Higher Than my Right?

i hade a breat lift with implants under my muscle but my left breast is higher that u could feel the implant the right breast is bigger and look nice since i can not see or feel it like in my chest is that normal

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Left Breast Still Higher Than my Right after BA/BL

It is not unusual after surgery for submuscular implants for the implant to "ride high" as the muscle is often tight, compressing the implant and displacing its contents upward--the breast fold limits downward excursion, while the upper pole is sitting in a large empty space between the muscle and the rib cage. Usually this is not a symmetric process early in the post op period.

If your surgeon felt that the implants looked even in the operating room, chances are that when the implants have settled into place they will look even.

Stay in touch with your surgeon, and participate in your postop care as instructed.

Thanks for  the question, best wishes.

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Usually after surgery it is normal to have your implants riding high. You need to start wearing a breast band to help with implants dropping into the pocket.


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