4 Weeks After Lipo of my Stomach Stil in a Lot Pain

my uper side of my stomach is swollen special by the end of the day, i'm in a lot pain, went to see my doctor westerday he said if I still in pain to go the emergency to get x rays, what can I do now, should I wait more time

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4 weeks after lipo and pain

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It is important to go to an experienced surgeon when having an invasive procedure.  Having significant pain 4 weeks after liposuction should put up red flags.  Good luck.

Lipo surgeon should know how to handle problems

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If your doctor is advising being seen in the emergency room, then you should follow that advice. He may not know what is going on with you and needs help with your problem.

It's always important to choose a physician who is experienced in performing liposuction, and that means s/he should know all the possible complications that can occur and how to deal with them. Ask lots of questions at the consultation with the physician regarding experience and that doctor's complications. Always make sure you have the opportunity to meet the doctor and ask these questions directly to the doctor, not just a sales person.

I hope all goes well for you!

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