3 weeks after lipo and I have hard lumpy areas, wrinkled abdomen. Is that normal? What can I do?

I had liposuction on abdomen and arms .I am at 3 week , surgeon suggested after lipo massages , ultrasound,carboxitherapy ,garment and a foam. I have bumps and a very lumpy, hard abdomen and next to the armpits.if I flex my abs look wrinkled, is it permmanent? How long would take heal and have smooth skin back? I have massage and ultrasound every day, I also had injected kenacort on hard areas, is that effective?What else can Ido? Surgeon said carboxitherapy will solve it , is it right?

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  • 3 weeks is early in the healing of liposuction,
  • You do have irregularities - these will change dramatically over 6 months
  • Dilute kenalog in hard,painful lumps helps
  • Massage, ultrasound, foam and the garment will help,
  • The lower abdomen is prone to irregularities after liposuction because of thin skin and muscle pull,
  • Carboxitherapy (the injection of carbon dioxide under the skin): published reports say that it increases collagen but the most recent research suggests the effect is the same with the injection of saline. There have been complications. 

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