I Am 2 Weeks out After Lasik and my Near and Far Vision is Still Kind of Blurry. Is This Normal?

I am having difficulty reading letters on paper and on the computer, which is 90% of my work. I haven't seen much improvement, even though I've been using drops (which doesn't appear to improve my vision). My doc says that my flap looks perfect with no inflammation. Will I need enhancements and do doctors typically charge for it (esp when it ruined my near vision, which was ok prior to the surgery)?

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Recovery After LASIK

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it sounds like you are probably overcorrected, so now you're hyperopic instead of originally myopic. this can be intentional, like if you're young and he wants to allow for your progression of myopia until you're 30, so you won't need an enhancement. it can also be unintentional, which would not be a good thing

you may be able to be adjusted with a NSAID drop if you're within 1 month postop. 

Dr Emil Chynn, NYC

New York Ophthalmologist

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