5 Weeks After Labiaplasty and Hood Trim Still Same Swelling at 3 Weeks?

I know I have asked about the 3 week Post Op but I am now at 5 weeks and I find the swelling goes down and then some days is totally puffy?I have Jax Cream for bruises because I have read that Arnica and witch hazel help with swelling, But I do not see a difference. I find i am puffy after I did some heavy lifting at work three days ago. Its mainly the top of my labia where he had trimmed closer to the clitoris, ther are super large and I feel like it should shrink down to a quarter of the size?

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Swelling after trim labiaplasty

Thank you for your question. Labiaplasty swelling can be very intense, especially if accompanied by bruising or hematoma. The labial tissue can expand quite a bit compared to other areas of the body, and it is not uncommon for one side to swell more than the other. I generally tell my patients that it will be weeks of swelling, with each week getting better than the previous. I ask them to avoid anything that can induce swelling such as strenuous activity or friction on the labia for upto six weeks. I also recommend that they keep the labia fairly lubricated (e.g. vaseline or aquafor) during the initial couple weeks when the swelling is most intense. The end results should be fairly obvious around the six week, and there can be intermittent swelling due to over activity or too much friction for another six weeks.
The trim method may also be more susceptible to friction-induced swelling as the scar is along the anterior edge of the labia and thus more precautions may be need to reduce friction.

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Swelling after Labiaplasty

Swelling after Labiaplasty is common and in some can be prolonged. I suspect the fact that you did some heavy lifting a few days ago probably contributed to this and that your increased swelling is due to  increased activity.The swelling can persist  for several weeks to even another month or two. When in doubt check with your surgeon to confirm you are healing appropriately.

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Swelling after Labiaplasty

Sounds as though you are experiencing increased swelling following increased activity.?  This is rather typical even at 5 wks post-op and my continue for several more wks or even another month.  I would make sure to double check with your operating surgeon to make sure s/he concurs.  Best of luck...RAS

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