3 Weeks After Gynecomestia Surgery. Scared for Chest Indentation and Why is my Left Chest Stil Swollen? (photo)

July 23 I had my gynecomestia surgery(I am from the Netherlands) and upcomming monday(3 weeks later) I will go to the hospital so the docter will take a look.(I think the stitches will be removed). I am a bit scared that I had a bad gynecomestia surgery and my chest wont recover as I expected it would. Therefore I hope that I could get good feedback. I have worn my recovery corset 24/7 exept when I take a shower. Do I have a sunken chest and why is my left chest stil swollen(yellow) Thank you.

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3 Weeks After Gynecomestia Surgery. Why is my Left Chest Stil Swollen

It appears that you have had some bleeding on the left side and now have a hematoma (collection of blood) under the chest skin. If your follow up is a ways out, call your surgeon, and you should get an earlier appointment for evaluation to consider draining the hematoma. Once that is done, although the left side will be more swollen for a while, you should expect a nice result, as if nothing untoward had occurred. 

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3 Weeks After Gynecomestia Surgery. Scared for Chest Indentation and Why is my Left Chest Stil Swollen?

I also see a very acceptable result on your right breast. But the left in my photo interpretation see a resolving HEMATOMA! I believe you needed to be drained earlier than these 3 weeks. Best to you on the next followup visit. 



From the picture you have posted you cannot see any indentation. To give you an adequate explanation, I would have to exam you. You can see that you bleed more on the left side. Each side of our body heals on a different rate. It’s too early to see the final results, give your body 6-9 months to see final results. Everything looks to be normal. You should get a follow up with your PS and review your concerns.


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