2 Weeks Ago, I Had a 2nd Nostril Rim Graft Put In. Both Grafts Are a Mistake. How Soon Can the Be Removed Safely? (photo)

I already have one graft inside my right nostril. The graft was put in to help me breath, and protrudes on the inside wall of my nose. The second graft to my left nostril was put in 2 weeks ago, during my second revision. It made that nostril looking suppressed down. I feel both of the grafts are a mistake. What are the risks of taking them both out and how soon can I do it safely?

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Revision rhinoplasty

Your photos corroborate your concerns and show the left #nostrilcollapse. Unfortunately your description lacks sufficient details in order to propose a solution. Were the grafts placed to lower the rim or provide support to the nostril wall? You will likely need revision surgery but it is unclear what the surgery would be and when it should be done. 2 or 3 weeks after the last surgery is obviously too soon.

If both operations were performed by the same surgeon you will likely need a second opinion but you need to wait for all of the swelling to resolve in order to see how much of this is permanent. In a few months it may not be as bad as it currently is and you may decide to leave things as they are. If you see another surgeon for a second opinion it would be most helpful if you brought the operative reports from the previous surgeries and all before/after photos.

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Timing of graft removal

It is very difficult to fully assess the graft results this early after surgery.  Right now, the nostrils has some asymmetry.  My advice would be to give it plenty of time for the swelling to subside to see if the symmetry improves.  After this type of surgery, that can take six months or longer.

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2 Weeks Ago, I Had a 2nd Nostril Rim Graft Put In. Both Grafts Are a Mistake. How Soon Can the Be Removed Safely?

     From your description they may need revision rather than removal if there were breathing issues for which one or both were placed. 



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