Normal To Advise Weekly Aligner Changes?

I am on aligner 23 out of 38. My dentist has advised me to switch the aligners every week. This is incredibly painful for me so I do it every 10 days. Is this a common practice? I am unsure where to turn and I would hate to see my results not reach their maximum potential because of this.

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Changing aligners weekly?

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This is a very unusual direction but there may be a reason.  Talk to your invisalign dentist.  The official guidelines of Invisalign are to change aligners every 2 weeks which is designed to allow all normal movements of teeth to be completed.  By increasing the frequency of aligners, time might not be enough to complete tooth movements satisfactorally and this will increase the likelihood of unsatisfactory results in the end.

Changing aligners too often.

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Officially you should change your aligners only once every 2 weeks.  Every 10 days is really pushing it.  A week is probably too often.  Biologically, your body needs some time to recover from each aligner.  This is calculated to be 2 weeks.  If you push the biology there can be long-term consequences (e.g. root resorption and recession).  HAve a sit-down talk with your dentist

Lawrence Singer, DMD
Washington Dentist
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Normal to change invisalign every week

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Invisalign recommends aligners be changed every 2 weeks.  Dentists may decide to do things differently so I would talk to you dentist about your concerns.  Being in pain is a little more concerning to me.  Hope it all works out


Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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How often to Change Aligners

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It may be normal for your case.  Please schedule an appointment with your Dentist right away to discuss your pain and concerns.  No Dentist wants to have a patient in pain, we can do something about that!  Since every invisalign case is specific to the individual, it may be that you are to change your aligner once a week.   There are occasional situations that this would be appropriate and indicated.  This is a treatment decision your Doctor made and should be able to explain.  Good luck and please call your Dentist, with modern dentistry you should not be uncomfortable and unsure about your treatment.

Madeleinne Zapantis, DMD
Long Island Dentist

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