I am week 1 post tummy tuck op. Unhappy with results as all my stretchmarks still there. What can I do?

What do you think? The ps told me I would only have strechmarks below my belly button but they are still very high and lots of them . What are my options now? It would be difficulties to go back under the knife with takin g time off work but I am really not happy. Is there a magic way to do something with strechmarks? Or getting some money back? Or what should I do?

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Stretch marks after a tummy tuck...

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If your surgeon truly promised you that you would not have any marks above you belly button, then you have a legitimate concern that you should ask your surgeon about.  But most surgeons rarely make such promises as the sometimes cannot be kept.  If your contours are great, then focus on your healing.  If you have lots of redundant skin still, a revision may be in your future.  Without photos, this is simply speculation.  But its always better to discuss such concerns with your surgeon, whom you  entrusted your care to and whom you selected from the many that are out there.  And your surgeon should wan the best results for you too.

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