7 week post tt. Pain on left side next to belly button?

I had a tt 7 weeks ago ... Evreything was well ill past tuesday ...above my belly button on the left side i have pain when i sneeze laugh or even try to talk loud ... And it's tender when i press on that spot ..... Any sugestions.?

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Periumbilical pain after abdominoplasty

Typically with a tummy tuck sutures are placed in the fascia over the muscle including the area around the belly button.  Sometimes these stitches can become irritated or may be pulling through just a little bit.  Mild heat and  antiinflammatories can help.  Although it would be unusual at 6 weeks there could be a small abcess but that would likely involve swelling and redness. 

Be sure to see yuor surgeon so he can have a look. 

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