How Long Before Post-Rhino Bump Goes Away?

Hello, I just went for my 6-week post op check up with my doctor and he prescribed Keflex for a small bump that appeared suddenly last week. He thinks it's an infection. Any idea how long until I should see the bump go away? I'm taking 750mg of Keflex 2/day for 7 days.... Thanks!

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Infection and rhinoplasty

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It is very rare to have an infection after a rhinoplasty.  Do you have grafts?  or implants?  If it is a mild infection, it should resolve in a few days.  Keep close contact with your surgeon.

Infection after rhinoplasty

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Infection is very uncommon after rhinoplasty, though can pose a big problem for implants and cartilage grafts. You should start to see a response from your antibiotics within 48 hours if infection is the cause for the bump or swelling.

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Bump post rhinoplasty

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stay in close contact with your plastic surgeon. The infection if present should resolve quickly. swelling should improve. if not, additional treatment may be required.

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