3 Week Post Op Rhino/septo?

my eyebrows are still hard to move, and my mouth is so stiff it curls in, also is it normal to have lots of swelling after three weeks? i dont feel like myself at all, how long till i can fully see my teeth and smile like normal? one more thing, my nose was upturned not as bad now but still is, i had no tip work done, just a bump removed and nostrils brought in, will my nose drop?

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What to Expect Postop Rhinoplasty

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At 3 weeks postop a patient should have most of the operative swelling gone, yet the overall shape of the nose could remain somewhat swollen and the operative details regarding tip shape, size will not be revealed. You mentioned "septo"rhinoplasty so I assume septal work was also done. The amount of postop swelling you describe is distinctly abnormal for 3 weeks out from surgery. It is about time your surgeon, and you personally, try to find out the cause of the swelling. One of the issues that can come up would be a sinus infection due to poor sinus drainage postop. Foreign bodies such as packing remnants left in the nose can also cause excessive facial swelling. A complete nasal exam and possible x-rays should reveal the problem.

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