One Week Post Op Mastopexy with Implant, Leaking Areola on Left and Right Breast Larger Than Left?

As above my left aerola is leaking an oily slightly discoloured fluid and the nipple is red under neath and dark red /grey on top near the leak. My right breast is bigger than the left too but the nipple on that side has adapted well and looks healthy. I'm feeling rather upset by the results. I wanted equal perky boobs and got unequal perked boobs but not as high as I wanted. I got 410cc natural implants but I wanted the round but surgeon said I needed more volume at the bottom. Advice please x

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Leaking Areola on Left and Right Breast Larger Than Left

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Hard to discuss these without photos.

Asymmetry is common this early. The implants are compressed by the pectoral muscle, and each one is different is strength. As they relax, the symmetry returns. Allow at least three months. All your issues are best discussed with your surgeon.Best wishes.

Seattle Plastic Surgeon

Breast asymmetry after mastopexy with implant

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These are issues that are difficult to address without a photograph, but should be discussed with your surgeon in your post op visits.  Pre and early post op photos would be most helpful.

Leonard T. Yu, MD
Maui Plastic Surgeon

Early problems following a breast lift with implants...

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You are still very soon after surgery, so judging your final result will not be possible for several months.

It does, however, sound concerning that you have fluid discharging from the nipple and that it is red underneath and grey at the top. You may either have a degree of fat necrosis (minor from the sounds of it), a mild infection, or some wound healing problems around the nipple.

I would strongly advise you to see your plastic surgeon for an early review.

Good luck


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