One Week Post Op Lipo on Outer Thighs and Pocket of Fat is Even Bigger?

I am one week post liposuction I had my stomach flanks ant outer thighs done, my back is the most sore I cant touch it i feel terrible and im quite sore and very very swollen. when will my swelling go down all around and when will i see the most results in my thigh. im so nervous because it only looks worse i feel like crying please somebody get back to me.

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Liposuction swelling

Thank you for the question. It really to early to determine the results. Usually, the first two to three weeks after surgery the swelling is maximal then it starts to go down. Generally speaking it can take up to six months for the swelling to subside. 

In the mean time my advice for you is to patient, address your concerns with your plastic surgeon and keep all your follow up appointments.

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