4 Week Post-op - Burning/stinging Sensation on Right Side at End of Scar

Hi, I am coming along very nicely in my healing process. My scar and belly button look good. My question is that in the last few days I have been having a burning/stinging sensation on my right side where the skin seems to be more puckered. My binder and padding seems to cause red crisscrossed marks on my scar (almost like an elastic on your wrist) can this be causing the pain on and slightly above my scar? Thank you.

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Burning Sensation Scar of Tummy Tuck?

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 Thank you for the question that picture.

Based on the pictures and description,  it seems like the right side of the scar is more irritated/inflamed compared to the remainder of the incision lines. You should be evaluated by your plastic surgeon to rule out an early infection causing the symptoms. In the meantime, avoid irritation of the area ( with binder etc.).

Best wishes.

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