One Week Post Op Breast Augmentation..complications

On 5/11/11 I had breast augmentation, under the muscle thru the armpit. The day after surgery I noticed the right breast was significantly more swollen/higher than the left and deep purple bruising appeared down the entire right side of my torso to my hip area. Three days after surgery a "new" bruise with slight lump appeared under the right breast and bruising has spread under the breast. Have seen my PS and he put me on muscle relaxers and icing every hour with follow up on 5/23/11. Normal?

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Hematoma after breast augmentation

This definitely sounds like a hematoma- in fact, it is a textbook description of a hematoma.  This should be drained as soon as possible to avoid any long-term problems.  Hematomas can happen under the best of circumstances and, when drained, should not effct the long-term result.

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Post Op Breast Surgery

As others have mentioned, increases swelling, bruising and tightness immediately after breast implant surgery may indicate a hematoma or blood collection around the implant.  If this is the case, it most likely needs to be drained surgically and medications will not make it go away.  It is important to follow closely with your surgeon as they know what was done during surgery and what to expect.  If there is uncertainty, imaging studies such as ultrasound can be done to look for a fluid collection.  However, in most cases, hematoma is obvious and needs to be treated.


Good Luck.

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Submuscular placement esp via axilla is more painful

Submuscular implant placement especially through the axilla is more painful with high degrees of swelling and bruising as the lower portion of the pectoralis often must be bluntly dissected in "blind" fashion to obtain an adequate pocket.  It is not uncommon to have muscle spasms, pain, and more bruising than with the more direct approach with other incisions. This may take several weeks to improve.

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Significant swelling and bruising on one side after breast augmentation

The significant swelling and bruising on one side, the implant pushing up higher, all seem to point to a hematoma or bleeding into the breast pocket. The hematoma should be drained to prevent prolonged healing, implant malposition and capsular contracture. See your surgeon right away.

Best of luck,


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One Week Post Op Breast Augmentation..complications

NO! not normal. You need to rule out a hematoma ASAP. This becomes a standard of care issue. If you are really much larger and more ecchymotic on one side, the operating surgeon needs to provide appropriate care and treatment. 

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Hematomas generally present with significant pain, swelling, bruising.

A hematoma is basically a collection of blood and clot. After surgery, this can occur in the surgical wound from bleeding. Fortunately, the incidence after breast augmentation is low. Your surgeon must distinguish between normal bruising and swelling and a hematoma. It is common for one breast to have more pain, swelling, and bruising than the other side, but usually this only mildly different between sides. If one side is much more swollen, painful, and bruised, then a hematoma is probable--especially if this is getting worse, not better. Close follow-up with your surgeon is important. If you're concerned, return to see him or her.

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Bruising after breast augmentation

If your breast became MUCH bigger than the other side, then you most likely had some bleeding.  If it is a subtle difference, then it's probably just post-operative swelling which is normal.  The breasts often have a different amount of swelling.  Good luck!

Bivik Shah, MD
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Bruising post-op breast augmentation

You  may or may not have a hematoma depending upon how the breast looks and feels compared to the othere side. It is best for you to see/speak with yoru surgeon.  Hematomas usually need to be drained.

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Hematoma after Breast Augmentation Must be Addressed

Your description sounds like you may have had bleeding after the surgery with accumulation of blood or clot (hematoma) around the implant.

If the clot and blood is not removed, the risk for capsule contracture (hard feel of the breast implant) is high.

Discuss with your surgeon.

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Breast augmentation

Is sounds like you may have had some bleeding post operatively the may be manifested with the bruising that you notice. As long as one breast is not larger thatnthenother it is unlikely that there is hematoma

David L. Abramson, MD
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