2 Weeks Post Op from Arm and Under Arm Liposuction-How To Tame Tightness?

 Will Wear my Garment for at Least  3 Weeks. I feel a lot of tightness in arms ( the undersides) and in my armpits which where also treated. its been two weeks and it feels so tight i cant lift my elbows only to about shoulder level. What should i do to help the tightness go away? is this normal? Also these tight areas feel very hard..any advice?

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Tight hard feeling after ARM Liposuction.

Normal, normal, and normal.   This all gos away.  I usually tell patients to forget the garment after one week.  The garments never fit very well anyway and I feel are unnecessary.  If the surgery is proper, the garment only holds down the swelling for the first week or less.   The tight , stringy, feeling is normal and goes in abour 4 months.   Stretching is fine.  Work you hand progressively up the wall to stretch.  Massage helps progress to a degree.  Most important is that all you describe is normal and will resolve with time.   Use lavender oil on your skin or Nivea original cream for dryness and to imrpove the post operative recovery.   10 min, 2x a day is adequate.   Time cures all.    Best      Dr G Commons

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