One Week Post Nose Job and I Just Got my Cast Off. My Nose is Very Swollen with No Definition? (photo)

I did not have a wide nose to begin with - and the Dr thinned it a bit more. But it looks wide and bulbous right now. That will go away right? Also, one side is more swollen than the other, making my nose look lopsided. Is that normal?

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Nose swelling

Hold on!  You are only a week out, and very likely you have severe swelling of the nose..  Be patient.

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Post Rhinoplasty swelling


Relax.  You are only one week after a rhinoplasty.  You will see a drastic change in the next 7-10 days and the result will continually improve over the next 3-4 months.  You are swollen and its going to take some time for the swelling to improve.  You can try some arnica.  Ask your surgeon what he thinks about gentle massage.  Each surgeon has a different protocol based on what was done.



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Nasl swelling

Dear Elizabeth:

Don't worry at all. One week after surgery, all patients look extremely swollen. Be patient; swelling will decrease slowly during next 3-4 weeks (aproximately 50% of swelling will disappear in 1st month). The complete "deflation" of your swollen nose will not occur till 8th-9th month.

It's very useful -after nose surgery- to take photos each month; you will see the overall improvement, and the progressive definition of all aspects of your nose.

You can do nothing but wait! ...but you have done the more difficult step...

Best wishes!

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One week out you are super swollen right now. Everything will settle down but it takes time 6-9 months to see final results. It is normal for one side to be a little more swollen then the other. Our body heals differently on each side. Be patient, don't hit or bump your nose be very gentle. Make sure you see your PS as recommended.

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Asymmetric edema after rhinoplasty

Your nose is super swollen right now, and it will likely even swell even more from now until week 2.  After that it should progressively improve.  Swelling after rhinoplasty is rarely symmetric, so don't obsess over that quite yet.  Give it time to heal and follow up closely with your surgeon to make sure everything is going as planned.  

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One Week Post Nose Job and I Just Got my Cast Off. My Nose is Very Swollen with No Definition?

You need in person discussions with your surgeon concerning the phases of healing after rhinoplasty. Swelling is the norm. 

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