1 Week After Total Thigh Lipo and See Very Little Results?

Ok I know it's early but I only see some small results in my knees. I see nothing at mid, inner, outer or banana. How do I know if it's just swollen or if there really isn't going to be a difference? He took 3 liters total. I'm worried since I'd think swelling would be in my knees yet they look the best so far. Thoughts?

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Swelling Normal One Week After Liposuction

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Not to worry - Swelling which is edema (fluid in the tissue) is normal and takes many weeks to months to fully resolve. Wearing compression garments,  a low salt diet drinking plenty of water and walking will all help you see results in the near future. 

Thigh liposuction and result

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If 3 liters were removed, then there certainly will be a change. It may be that there is a lot of swelling.

Thigh liposuction result

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The lower extremities are prone to swelling and it wil take at least 6-8 weeks for you to see an appreciable difference. You should be wearing a compression garment. Continue to followup with your plastic surgeon and speedy healing!

Results after liposuction

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although mild improvement in the treated areas can be seen as soon as 1 week post procedure, the full effects can take anywhere from 4-6 weeks and sometimes even longer to see. if you see absolutely no results at 6-week interval u must consult with your PS

Liposuction Recovery

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If 3 liters were removed then you should definitely achieve some results. It is early in your recovery so give it some more time. It can take many months to really achieve your final results. I would recommend lymphatic massage to the treated areas 2-3 times per week starting now. This should continue for at least a few weeks. Check with your surgeon first. 

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