One Week After Starting Roaccutane, I Realized I Am Pregnant?

Hi, one week ago, I started taking a 20mg/day dose of roaccutane, yesterday I was supposed to get my period but didn't, today I did a pregnancy test and i found out that I am 1 month pregnant. Will this dose affect the pregnancy or my baby?

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Accutane and pregnancy

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Here is how Accutane works for females of child-bearing potential: 1. do a pregnancy test which shows up negative, 2. the following month do another pregnancy test that shows up negative and get your first prescription. That is the ONLY way Accutane is allowed for females of child-bearing potential. Who prescribed you Accutane without doing this? Accutane and pregnancy do not mix, and Accutane causes serious birth defects and even death for the child. Seek advice from your prescribing physician immediately.

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