1 Week PO CoolSculpting, Unbearable Pain?

And I am still in unbearable pain and I am getting a little worried now as I did not expect this. I have ice pack on it all day and have not slept for the last few nights. the doctor prescribed nerve blockers but they're not really helping either I don't know what else to do, feeling desperate and worried.

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Extreme sensitivity after coolsculpting for fat loss

There have been a small percent of cases of CoolScultping done for fat reduction that have resulted in temporary extreme sensitivity. Your provider may wish to prescribe medication that has an off-label indication and can be used to reduce the central nervous system's ability to process pain signals. The severest of symptoms seem to be temporary and hopefully yours will  resolve soon.

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Pain after Coolsculpting

Sorry to hear your in so much pain.  First and foremost, continue to follow up with your physician so they know what your experiencing.  A very small percentage of patients do have pain after the procedure starting after 3-4 days and lasting about 3-4 days.  The pain should subside and resolve on its own.  Some patients are helped by wearing a compression garment or something tight, like a binder or girdle. Though some find ice helpful, others prefer warm compresses.  The good news is, the feelings you're having will go away.  If you are worried you shouldn't hesitate to go back to the office where you were treated so they can examine you and possibly provide some other suggestions as well.  Good luck. Hang in there. 

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Pain after CoolSculpting

Sorry to hear that you are experiencing such pain after having CoolSculpting done.  That is a very rare complication of the procedure and usually resolves within a week or so.  There have been a few reported cases of pain persisting for longer than that.  The vast majority of patients do not experience pain during or after the procedure.  If you continue to be in pain, I suggest that you follow-up with the physician who performed the CoolSculpting procedure on you to see what your options are.  There may be other pain management options for you including a pain medicine patch that you can apply directly to where you are experiencing your pain.

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