I Am at Week 6 After a Lift & Implant (Submuscular).

I am at week 6 after a lift and submuscular implant. While the left side seems to be great, the right is still high.... I thought it was the capsular condition, but I am most of the time pain free...then out of no where my right side tingles and goes numb. It feels as if the implant will pop out of my chest. It hurts and the appearance changes as well. Help???

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Pain in one side following breast augmentation and lift

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It is difficult to describe the exact process without knowing more details about the shape of your breasts PRIOR to surgery. My guess is that the right was smaller and you are expereincing relative tightness due to the relatively increased size of the implant to the smaller breast. However other possibilies exist such as a small seroma or hematoma or berve compression. Implant displacment exercises could help ease the discomfort.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Implants post-op

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The strange sensations that you are experiencing is often due to the nerves "waking up" during the post-op period.  Give them time to settle.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Adopt a wait and see approach for the mean time.

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It is perhaps a little early for capsular contracture to be causing your right breast to be positioned higher and to be tingling and numb. However, it is not impossible that this is the cause. At this point the best course is to adopt a wait and see attitude because it is still possible that the right implant will spontaneously descend into the proper location. You might also try wearing an elastic compression device to encourage the implant to move down on your chest wall. Ask your surgeon about such a device.  In my experience, if the asymmetry is still present after 3 months in spite of conservative measures and the effects of gravity, then revisionary surgery is necessary to accomplish the job.

David A. Ross, MD (retired)
Chicago Plastic Surgeon

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It takes several months for breast implants to settle in

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In my experience, a breast implant may take up to 6 months to settle in and achieve its final shape.

At 6 weeks it is too early to make any decisions and the lack of constant pain is a good sign.

My advise is patience.  However, if your condition is worsening, you should contact your surgeon for an evaluation.

Best of luck.

Michael A. Jazayeri, MD
Santa Ana Plastic Surgeon

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