Will My Butt Stay This Size or Will It Get Smaller?

i am satisfied now with the size and shape, i just want to know if it will stay the same or will it get smaller, I believe i have left over fat should i have more injected just in case?

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Buttock size changes postoperatively

Post operatively patients tend to panic by their buttock size and worry about it being too large. Not to worry, this is due to swelling and it should decrease a good deal the first two weeks, and by the sixth week you could see a more finalized look of how your buttocks will be.

When I perform this procedure I over-inject the buttocks in order for my patients to end up with their ideal buttock size. The reason behind this is because about 30% of the fat will die after the procedure. In order to lesson the dramatic 30% loss, the over injected fat will then come into effect.

Losing weight will also decrease the projection of your buttocks. When you lose weight, your fat cells will decrease in size, therefore the fat injected in the buttocks will act like the fat in the other areas of your body and decrease.  For more information on this procedure, take a look at the link below.

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Brazilian butt lift and swelling

There will be significant swelling after a Brazilian butt lift secondary to inflammation that needs to be taken into consideration immediately after surgery. If the procedure was done correctly, you should expect about a 20% loss of buttock volume in the first 3 months. Anything that stays after 3 months is going to stay forever. For this reason, I always make the buttock bigger than anticipated to compensate the loss of volume that will occur after surgery.

Wilberto Cortes, MD
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Will the buu size stay the same after the use of fta transplantation?

Buttock augmentation uisng fat transplantation is the optimal method for buttock enhancement. It provides for a natural result and has the least complication rate. One of the possibilities after the procedure is some loss of the injected fat. I have found in over 10 years of performing this procedure that it takes about 5 weeks to know what the end result will be. By that point much of the swelling has come down and the blood supply has grwon in. It is vary rare to have any decrease in size after 5 weeks. Some people, though, opt for even a larger size. In those cases you need to ait at least three months before a second procedure is performed to allow the inflammatory phase of the initial operation to subside.



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Brazilian butt lift will it get smaller

The Brazilian butt lift is a liposuction and fat injection. When you inject the fat in the buttocks it has no blood supply. In the best case scenario about 30% of the fat will die after the injection. Once the fat cells have a blood supply, supplied by new blood vessels the fat cells will live like any other fat cell in the body.

In my cases I will see the size of the buttocks decrease for the 1st 2 to 3 weeks. After that the size remains in this is a permanent result. Remember these are fat cells like any other fat cell in the body, if you gain weight they'll get bigger and if you lose weight bill gets smaller.

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Will My Butt Stay This Size or Will It Get Smaller?

Has it been 3 months since the time of your surgery? if so, expect stable results if you do not lose weight.

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Fat's transfer in boga

when i do bbl i always explain to my patients that some of the fat injected will disapear so i always overcorrect the area expecting for sure that some of the fat will not stay. but over correction has a limit that surgeon must know is beyong patient's expectation.the clue is to be honest to patients and explain everything before surgery.

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Up and Down Buttocks. How weight affects Brazilian Butt Lift

Body Contouring patient should really have a stable weight prior to any surgery.  If you have flucuations in your weight then your contour will change.  I am not an advocate of injecting more fat as a "just in case" measure.


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