4 week after BA , my left breast go up again and in? (photo)

hi i am 4 week after BA , it look like my left breast are going up and not down , and more in too, my little story , i ve 360left /375 right , mod plus, first everythink ok , after 2 week , we notice a small redness spot on the inside of left , my dr give a antibiotic , now that get better but from week 3 my left breast start to go up again and in , it feel like the left are not center correctly, do i need a revision? along i ve to wait/? can i push the implant by my self on the otherside? help

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4 week after BA , my left breast go up again and in?

Even with the posted photos very hard to be sure of the exact issue.. I think you had a hematoma or seroma now causing capsular fibrosis. Best to see your surgeon ASAP>>>

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I can't really tell what's going on from your pictures.  You need to see your PS ASAP.


Asif Pirani, MD, FRCS(C)
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4 week after BA , my left breast go up again and in?

If your implants feel like they are moving up and/or getting hard, you need to see your surgeon as soon as possible. There is likely no need for a revision at this time, but there are medications you can take that could help your problem and maybe have you avoid a second surgery. Hope that helps.



It does appear that one of your implants is higher than the other in your photos.  It is still too early to tell if you need a revision.  I would advise that you see your surgeon as soon as possible.  Revisions to lower an implant position are fairly simple procedures, if you should need one.  Your surgeon can determine when this would be necessary. 

Shim Ching, MD
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