Do you have to get your wisdom teeth out before veneers? And am I a candidate? (Photo)

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Wisdom teeth before veneers

It is absolutely impossible to make any evaluation of your wisdom teeth without viewing xrays and performing a clinical examination.  If your wisdom teeth are symptomatic (hurting or swollen) then they should probably be taken care of prior to porcelain veneers.

Steven Goldy, DDS

Beverly Hills Dentist
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Not necessary for veneers, but you need orthodontic therapy instead of veneers

You have very pretty teeth that simply need to be moved into their proper position.  The teeth could be expanded to broaden your smile while straightening them with Invisalign or traditional orthodontics.  I am a cosmetic dentist who has performed thousands of veneers.  I also have treated hundreds of Invisalign cases and orthodontics will be a more conservative, non-destructive treatment for you to have done to treat your condition.

Wisdom teeth don't factor in porcelain veneer planning

while you certainly would benefit from the removal of your wisdom teeth, it isn't a factor to be considered when planning a porcelain veneer case. 

Lance Timmerman, DMD, MAGD
Seattle Dentist
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