Possible saline breast implant trauma from inner tubing accident.

I was riding a tube on the lake yesterday. My daughter in law came crashing down on my chest when we were thrown from the tube. I have saline implants sub muscular, done about 11 years ago. Today my right breast is burning and throbbing and very painful. I have looked in the mirror and see no difference in evenness to the other breast and when manipulating the implant to see if its come away from the chest wall or slipped through the muscle, the implant goes right back in place.

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That sounds like it hurt!  You may have just bruised the area or even torn the scar tissue around the implant.  It probably is a good idea to get checked by your plastic surgeon just to be sure everything is ok.  You are more than welcome to come in to my office for an exam if you don't have contact with your plastic surgeon anymore.

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Saline implant trauma- Any damage?

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Hi fantangela
Glad you are OK after the accident.
It is unlikely that the implant tore through the capsule and muscle, however it is possible.  If you have any question about that, you should go to your doctor, or I will be glad to see you for a complimentary consultation.
Another "test" you may want to try is to flex your pec muscles to see if you get any distortion.
The only other thing I would advise you on in the possibility of an implant rupture.  Obviously, your implants are apparently fine but you can have a slow leak that takes a couple of weeks to manifest.  What you need to look for is shrinking and often softening of the breast.  
Hope this helps.

Breast implants after trauma

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Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for your accident.  That sounds like it really hurt.  Saline implants if damaged can start deflated within hours if the shell is compromised and sometimes over days to weeks if the fill valve is injured as a slow leak.  I know I make myself available to patients even years out. if they are having concerns and most of colleagues do.  Thus, I recommend you call your surgeon and be seen to be examined and answer your questions, good luck.  

Possible saline breast implant trauma

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Thank you for your question. I doubt if you have any injury to implant itself. You may have injury to muscle. I recommend you please see a PS for evaluation.

Trauma to breast implant

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With that story, I would recommend you be seen personally by your plastic surgeon. It is doubtful that the implant is broken as you would see a volume change pretty quickly.  Good luck with your recovery. 

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You certainly can injury the implant with trauma. If you did, it will deflate over time. Other things aside from local tissues trauma that could cause pain is a tear in your breast capsule. If everything looks good, no extreme swelling, pain, bruising, then you may be ok with a supportive bra for the next few days/weeks for support and healing. If you have any issues that do not clear or get worse, or if you have any concerns it is always best to see a board certified plastic surgeon who can examine the area and provide recommendations. 

Pain from trauma

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A saline implant will deflate if it is ruptured, so glad the size is OK.The trauma was severe so some pain is to be expected.

Implant trauma

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You likely have soft tissue trauma, but from the sounds of it, your implant is probably OK.  You should follow-up with your surgeon to check your implants.  If you have a deflation, it is usually obvious.

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