Will Wearing my Wide-band Sports Bra in an "S" Pattern Help Asymmetry?

I have 450cc Gummy Bear Submuscular Implants (surgery 1-27-11). My right breast is rather high and firm (not hard) at 6 mos post op. Will wearing a wide band sports bra in an "S" pattern help (basically, wearing bra so band is under "good" breast and over the high breast, applying pressure downward). I was thinking of pairing this with breast massage & my singular in an attempt to avoid revision surgery. My Dr is out of town or I'd ask him. I appreciate your time!

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Gummy Bear implant position problem--what to do?

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My colleagues have neglected to remind you that the true "gummy bear" investigational study silicone gel implants are textured. At 6 months, these implants are firmly in position, and whether capsular contracture is present or not, Singulair, Accolate, infrared or ultrasound treatments, Vitamin E (any dose), elastic bandeau or sports bra in an "S" pattern, pressure, and massage will all be unsuccessful in moving the adherent implant into a better position.

Surgery will be necessary.

If, however, your are referring to the latest generation of cohesive silicone gel implants by either manufacturer (often mistakenly called "gummy bear" implants), your implants can have either a textured surface (same reply as above) or a smooth surface, in which case all of these suggestions have some degree of merit.

At 6 months post-op, however, the likelihood is that any or all of them will remain ineffective, and re-operation will still be necessary.

Correcting breast asymmetry after 6 mos of breast augmentation

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Hello San Antonio,

I'm afraid it's a bit too late to use external means to correct this type of problem. So sorry to be the bearer of bad news. You will need surgical correction.  Best wishes, Dr. H

Breast Implant Asymmetry

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Hello San Antonio,

Special bras or bandos, implant massage, external ultrasound, Vitamin E, and leukotriene inhibitors like Singulair are all various but ineffective treatments for breast implant asymmetries and capsular contracture.

I am sorry to tell you that you will need a revision surgery to remove and/or release the scar tissue and reposition the breast implant.

Best of luck.

Will Breast Asummetry-Wearing my Wide-band Sports Bra in an "S" Pattern Help Asymmetry

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Wearing the pressure band from the bra over the higher breast may help, as well as the Singular or Accolate, but I would also recommend using Vit E 1000mg twice daily until you see your surgeon.  Ultrasound treatments to the higher breast may help too.  Without examining you, it is difficult to determine whether you will require a surgical intervention, but it certainly doesnt hurt to try everthing before undergoing another procedure!  Good luck!

Asymmetry Six Months After Augmentation Probably Requires Surgery

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It is unlikely that pressure applied to your higher breast will lead to correction of your asymmetry this far (six months) following your initial augmentation.  It will do no harm but likely not be beneficial.  You mentioned Singulair so I am assuming that you have a capsular contracture in addition to the malposition.  I am afraid that only an open procedure which addresses both the malposition and the capsular contracture will possibly correct your concerns.

John Whitt, MD (retired)
Louisville Plastic Surgeon

Will wearing a "wide band sports bra with S shape" help with asymmetry?

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If you indeed underwent breast augmentation with "gummy bear" implant, your asymmetry will not improve with use of sports bra.  Singulair is not proven to improve capsular contracture, either.  The "gummy bear" implant is a texured, anatomic implant that will not move with external devices or use of pharmacologic agent.  I would recommend revision surgery to release the capsule and to reposition the implant.

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