Does Wearing the Spanx Make a Difference on How Flat a Tummy is at the End of the Journey?

Week 8 after a full TT, feeling much better, I wear spanx on and off and wondering if I should wearing it all the time. Usually wear it when I know I am going to have a hectic day and at the end of my day since it swells a bit. I worry because I want to make sure my tummy looks flat, flat, flat at the end of this journey. I have asked my doctor and he doesn't seem to think that it makes a difference, but I see how you all have opinions based on the experience of your patient. Suggestions please.

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We like to tell our patients to wear it for at least 3 months. It does get your to your final results faster.



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Spanx usefulness after Tummy tuck

Copmression garments are made to reduce swelling but the final outcome is a function of the surgery (given no complication occur).

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Surgical garments or Spanx

Patients should wear some type of surgical garment, girdle or Spanx for about 4-6 weeks after their tummy tuck to help expedite the healing process and control swelling. Your final outcome has a lot more to do with how your surgeon performed your surgery. The garments help to some extent and you should use them as instructed by your surgeon.

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Wearing Spanx after tummy tuck surgery

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Wearing Spanx or any variant of a compressive garment is recommended after tummy tuck surgery and/or lipoplasty of the torso area for a period of 6 weeks.  While the final result will not be affected, it typically expedites the healing process in terms of the reduction of swelling.  In general, most swelling ( 80 %) resides within 6 weeks of surgery but that last 20 % can take up to several months to reside completely.


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