Does Wearing the Brava Breast Expansion for Longer Periods Pre and Post Op Allow for More Fat to Take?

It is my understanding that most ps require/strongly suggest breast expansion using Brava to help create a nutrient rich pocket to inject fat into. I know protocols vary widely and are changing as the procedure "gains ground.". Some say pre expansion allows 55 percent to take others maintain it can be 80. why the spread? I would love to hear your experiences and info on what works best and why. Thanks so much for your time.

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Brava and fat injection

WHy the spread?  Because fat injection results vary and the fat does not take a 100%.  Figure that you will get a range similar to what was quoted, and you may need more.

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In theory the Brava device increases the blood flow to the area of injected fat and by doing that the take of fat should be higher. The device is cumbersome noticeable and painful and many women do not use it as recommended. By to answer your question in theory it does.


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