Should I Be Wearing a Support Bra After BA Surgery

I heard a lot of recommendations on wearing a bra to support the new breasts post BA surgery, however I'm not allowed to wear any for 4 weeks- I'm supposed to wear a bandage for another week and than nothing. I'm 8 days post-op and the swelling & pain seem to be gone (no more pain killers) and the implants do not sit high at all(never did)- they look settled. But I'd be much more comfortable wearing a supporting bra or I'd fear they'd bottom out... Can a sport bra do any harm 2-wk post-op?

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To preserve a Perky Look Augmented Breasts SHOULD be Supported

No one has EVER won the battle against gravity and tissue aging. The only reason surgeons do not ask their breast augmentation patients to wear bras immediately is that they use the forces of gravity to beat those of inflammation and swelling which push the implants higher. Once the inflammation is gone and the implants are ideally placed, to keep them there requires fighting against gravity. Not wearing a bra allows gravity to stretch and stress the lower portion of the breast and hasten breast sagging. In my opinion, once the implants are where we want them you should wear a properly fitted bra to prolong the look you paid to obtain.

Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon
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Bra after breast surgery

Each surgeon may be a bit different with regards to post-operative instructions. I suggest you follow your surgeon's instructions and if not sure contact his office.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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You Need Some Support.

I usually recommend use of a support bra after augmentation.  It is certainly reasonable for you to start.  Sit down and ask your PS his/her reasons for not using a bra.

Dr. ES

Will you sag after breast implants and should you wear a bra

An experienced plastic surgeon will make recommendations based on the amount of breast tissue relative to the volume of the implant. For example, a 5'9" 125lb individual with AA breasts having a 275 cc implant is not likely to sag for some time and therefore no support may be advised. However, a 5'4' with C cup breasts desiring a larger breast is more likely to sag with time and would be best advised to wear support. Which one are you more like

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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