Shouldn't I Be Wearing a Smaller Pant's Size After SmartLipo?

I had SmartLipo on my upper abs/lower abs/waist/flanks last May, 2011. I measured myself before surgery and today I measure basically the same in all areas, except that my lower abdomen has lost the hated "pouch" I had before surgery. I weigh EXACTLY the same as I did on the day of surgery, but I still see no difference in my pants size (especially waist). Is this normal? I really thought I would at least be able to comfortably get into pants that had been a little too tight, but sadly, I can't!

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Liposuction and clothing size


   It appears that liposuction has effectively treated your "pouch", but has done little for your pants size.  This may be due to the fact that your pants sit lower on your waist , under the area where you had a bulge or that the reduction was not large enough for a whole size reduction.

 Small volume liposuction typically does not result in significant weight loss as the fat removed weighs very little.  Also you may have gained weight since the procedure as some patients do after 10 months and threfore see no change on the scale.

 I recommend that you continue a healthy exercise and diet regimen to compliment your results and to further tone your body. You will then feel and look your best.




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