Would Wearing a Retainer Fix This Gap?

I had braces when I was 12-14 . I've worn my retainer every night until now that I'm 20. It was around September that I stop wearing it. Last night I put it on and I realized one of my front teeth is out of place. With my tongue I can feel a little gap where it is uneven. It hurts to put it on but its fine once its in. My question is: in order to get my tooth back in its proper place should I wear my retainer all day, at night, or would I need braces again?

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Wearing your retainer can help correct small relapse.

You have experienced what sounds like a small amount of relapse.  It happens.  This is why most orthodontists recommend long term retainer wear.  If the movement is slight and your retainer still fits, starting to wear it again will help to improve the situation since it was made with your teeth straight.  I would recomend wearing it full time until you acheive the desired effect, then wear it just at nighttime thereafter.

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