Should I Be Wearing a Compression Garment Now That I'm 14 Days Post Op?

My PS wont let me wear a compression garment after my tummy tuck and liposuction to my back, bra bulge, and arms. he says i shouldnt wear one until my tubes are removed. My arms are starting to look droopy and im starting too get a lot of folds and creases in my sides, especially back in the bra bulge area again. Should I go buy one on my own or wait until after my tubes come out in the 4th week? I am currently 14 days post op.

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You chose her or him to do your surgery now it is time to trust her advice.   Many of us use compression and some to not .  I am sure that your surgeon has your best interests at heart and understands your surgery better than any of us.   The party line is usually compression to minimize swelling , flatten the flaps, minimize drain output, assist with immobilization and healing and provide comfort.  g

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