My ortho is planning to fit a brace to my top teeth to widen the arch. Can Wearing Braces Also Alter Your Face Shape/profile?

I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. My orthodontist is planning to fit a brace to my top teeth to widen the arch as it is quite narrow and I may need a head appliance at night to help pull my upper jaw slightly forward. My centre bite is also a little out and he is going to move that to the correct place. My teeth aren't that bad and the lower teeth are fine so I don't need a brace there. Can all this be done with just braces and will my face/jaw look better?

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Facial Changes after Braces

The contour of the face and lips rely on two things:

  1. bone structure (the maxillary and mandibular bones, aka cheek bones and jaw, and teeth)
  2. facial tissue (the muscles and fat)

Just like people who have taken out the full dentures have their face shortened and lips caved in, protruding and misaligned teeth gives the face an uneven and unbalanced profile. 

Braces (orthodontic treatment) not only aligns the teeth for functional purposes but also cosmetically enhances the facial features to give a balanced and even look. 

For asymmetrical profiles with elongation and overbite, and depending on severity of the situation, a head gear (also a type of brace) may be used in addition to brackets on the teeth for additional force necessary for the movement to achieve the desired and anticipated results.

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