I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. Can wearing Braces also alter your face shape/profile?

I have a little asymmetry in my face and have quite a long face. My orthodontist is planning to fit a brace to my top teeth to widen the arch as it is quite narrow and I may need a head appliance at night to help pull my upper jaw slightly forward. My centre bite is also a little out and he is going to move that to the correct place. My teeth aren't that bad and the lower teeth are fine so I don't need a brace there. Can all this be done with just braces and will my face/jaw look better?

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It depends largely on your age...

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If the jaw bones themselves are out of alignment, it is much more difficult and success is less predictable if you are an adult.  In adults, the amount of widening and moving forward of the upper jaw is quite limited without the help of some oral surgery.  But if the movements are strictly moving teeth, like tipping your top ones forward over the bottom ones for example, it may be more predictable. 

It's important to keep in mind that as orthodontists we are working with the human body and not everyone response the same or as we expect. We make treatment goals and do our best to reach them, but sometimes we come up short due to limitations beyond our control.  I would have a discussion with your doctor about what he feels his chances for success are due to any limitations, if there are any alternatives, and then make a decision from there.  It is important that you go into this with realistic expectations.

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