Wearing a Bra Constantly After 4 Months of Liposuction of Breast Gives Me Bruise Like Pain. Kindly Advise

4 months back I had liposuction of the left breast. Had minor complications but resolved now. The problem is that I also had the size of my areola reduced and I wear a sport bra not so tight fitting all round the clock to prevent the areola from stretching. But recently, I started to have bruise like pain inside my breast which goes away only when I remove my bra. I am confused and don't know what to do. Should I support my breast with loose bra? Your help is much appreciated.

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Breast pain 4 months after surgery. Return to see your doctor.

If you have healed for four months, it would be very unlikely for a bra alone to prevent your areola from widening.  Discuss the pain you are having in your breast with the surgeon who did your surgery.  Best of Luck.

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Breast bruise?

It is unusual for you to have bruising after such a long time. It would best to get evaluated in person.

Steven Wallach, MD
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