Why Wearing This Garment Hurts my Body So Much? (photo)

Is been 10 days, since I had lipo on my upper & lower stomach and flanks with fat transfer to my butt, surgery went pretty good. Now my question is why the garment that I'm supposed to wear 24/7 is doing more harm then good, cause when I put it on and keep it on for a while my stomach & lower back get swollen & start hurting, is so painful that i have to remove the garment for a couple hours to feel some relieve relieve.

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Garment pain post-Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is likely a poorly-fitted garment

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Thank you for your important question.  We, plastic surgeons, like using garment after tummy-tuck, liposuction, facelift, breast procedures, etc.  Garments come in many sizes and proper measurements are essentials for a nice comfortable fit.  Garments should not be painful and too much pressure over the fat grafted area could affect the fat 'take'.  So I would recommend you visit your surgeon and perhaps a larger garment can be given to you.  We often stock them in my office in Toronto or they can be shipped within 24 hours from the suppliers directly to your home.  See how video discussing body implant.  Hope this helps!  Dr. Marc DuPere, Toronto Plastic Surgeon, board-certified.

Compression Garment after Liposuction

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  The compression garment should fit snugly but should not cause pain.  If the garment is worn too high the edge of it may compress the lower abdomen.  Usually the garment can be shifted downward to help with this, unless the garment is too small.

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