What Do You Wear to the Doctors Office To have drains and Med Pump Removed?

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Clothing in Doctors office

wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing following surgery, ideally with jackets with pockets

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Loose Fitting Clothes with Pockets and Zippers

     If you are going to have drains and pumps removed, loose fitting attire with pockets for holding these things and zippers for easy removal of the clothes is useful.

Loose Clothing Best After Surgery

Thank you for your question. Postop, it is best to wear loose clothing such as a shirt that buttons up in the front and loose skirt or pants with an elastic waist.  This will allow easy access for drain or pain pump removal.  Best of luck!

George Bitar, MD
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What to wear to post-op visit

It's best to wear something comfortable that you can get in and out of without a problem.  Wearing a jogging type outfit that is washable would work nicely.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
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What Do You Wear to the Doctors Office To have drains and Med Pump Removed?

Wear something that zips up the front so it can be opened easily, and something that can be cleaned in the washing machine. Zip up sweatshirt is ideal.

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