Age 17 With A 6in Scar On My Arm. What Are My Options?

i need too remove a scar that ive had for about 5 years now on my arm. im 17 and my scar is nasty and big about 6 inches. help! how much will it cost? will kidscare cover it? im tried every kind of cream. i feel helpless and depressed

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As you probably know, scars are permanent.  Unsightly scars can often be improved.  Your young age certainly contributes to unsightly and aggressive scarring.   Board Certified Plastic Surgeons are experts at this.  You may want to visit with a couple to discuss methods and costs associated with different treatment options such as:  scar revision, compression or laser therapies.  Stay positive and more likely a positive outcome will be achieved.  Be patient as scars sometimes take time to mature and look their best. 

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