What Should I Wear After Breast Pocket Revision Surgery (Lateral) to Prevent Sutures from Rupturing on the Sides?

What Should I Wear After Breast Pocket Revision Surgery (Lateral) to Prevent Sutures from Rupturing on the Sides?

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Please, Please, Please trust your surgeon with your postoperative care!

Hi there-

While I definitely have strong opinions about how to achieve the very best results with this (and other) procedures, I can also tell you that I would feel very sad and disappointed if I learned one of my patients was soliciting postoperative care instructions from surgeons they had never met on the internet.

Only your surgeon has a firm understanding of the details of your procedure and what has worked well for him in the past.

Furthermore, it isn't fair for you to hold your surgeon responsible (and you will- at least to some extent) for your safety and outcome if you aren't going to follow HIS instructions (and ONLY his) to the absolute letter. This would represent a betrayal of the doctor-patient relationship you established with him when you chose him to do your procedure, and more importantly, will diminish the chances you will achieve your goals, and increase your risks of experiencing a complication.

Please don't spend another minute thinking anyone but your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon has the answer that is correct in your particular situation. Call them.

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Breast Implant Pocket Revision and What to Wear?

Thank you for the question.

I'm sure your plastic surgeon will guide you as to the best supportive garments to use after repair of lateral breast implant  displacement.

In my practice, we use supportive " bolster dressings”  that are placed laterally in the area of suture repair.  These dressings are constructed out of kerlix rolls  and taped to the skin along the area of suture repair. These dressings are further supported by a surgical bra. I ask my patients to keep their elbows by their sides  and limit  any lifting for several weeks after surgery.

Again, check with your plastic surgeon to see what he/she plans to recommend for this purpose.

Best wishes.

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