Weak Ear Lobe After Being Stretched 14mm?

Im at 14mm stretched ears i use tapersi tryd going to 16mm but it hurt too bad Nd was squishy sore throbbing and weak. I went down back to 14mm but it still hurts its thin squishy sore and not thick at all. My left side is healthy thick and sturdy. And i dont know what to do its back at 14mm should i wait a month and use bondage tape instead of tapers?

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Stretched earlobes

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Sounds like you need to give up on the gauges.  Leave them out for about a month, then get them repaired by a plastic surgeon.

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Stretched Ear Lobe

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I would suggest that you stop stretching the ear lobe for now.  The ears are sore and throbbing because you are traumatizing the ear.  I suggest you followup with a facial plastic surgeon or ENT to evaluate your ears further.  Good Luck

Anthony Corrado, DO
Philadelphia Facial Plastic Surgeon
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