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I'm looking at more of a pear shape I have a small chest and a small waist I want my waist bigger like something to hold on to

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Pear Shape After BBL

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Provided that you are otherwise healthy and have sufficient fat to donate, then a Brazilian Butt Lift can definitely widen your hips and give you more of a "pear" shape.  Good luck!

Pear Shape

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Thank you for your question. A photo would be helpful.  It is important to have realistic expectations. The final results depends on ypur anatomy, shape and volume added. . For optimal results for the BBL, the areas that should be liposuctioned include the lower back, hips and sometimes the outer thigh. These areas help to contour and shape the buttock and enhances the results of the fat transfer. The abdomen is a another area that can be liposuctioned and its a great source for additional fat to be transferred. Please consult with a Board Certifed Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes.

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