Is this normal? After coolsculpting my stomach area is bigger/

cool sculpting on jjuly 11th...bigger in stomach area than when i went it is this normal

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Stomach Area Bigger After coolsculpting

Thank you for your question. It is difficult to give you advice without seeing before and after photos. However, in very rare cases, some patients can experience paradoxical hyperplasia. This is when the fat cells become bigger.You do not need to worry ad this is not dangerous and can be corrected. Please follow up with your treating physician for an evaluation and treatment. Best of Luck! 

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It is hard to know with out having before and after pictures. I recommend for you to go back to your doctor to discuss your results.

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Bigger after Coolsculpting

It's important if you have not done so already to return to the office that treated you so they can evaluate the area you had treated.  In very rare cases, less than .01%, some patients can experience something called paradoxical hyperplasia and have their fat cells in the treated area get bigger.  This is uncommon but don't worry, it's not dangerous and can be corrected.  Follow up with the doctor that treated you as soon as you can so you can be on the road to having this resolved.  Good luck.


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Bigger after cool sculpting?

Hard for me to give you an opinion without photos but I would do your follow up at the three month mark and ask to be seen by the physician. In rare cases there is a condition called paradoxical hyperplasia where the tissue grows and is pretty distinct. The tissue gets hard and is in the exact location of the applicator placement and appears swollen and dense. If you have this for certain make sure you seek a board certified surgeon to correct it. Hopefully they took good before and after photos for your comparison at follow up. Best of Luck. 

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Coolsculpting treatment on the stomach area

Thank you for your question. Without looking at your photos before Coolsculpting, not knowing the exact number and placement area of the applicators it is very hard to make a diagnosis. It is not uncommon to feel that your stomach got bigger when the lower abdominal area is treated alone with out treating the area above the belly button. Some patients do feel like they are bloated for many weeks. Please follow up with your physician and check out your before and after photos and discuss the plan.Best wishes.

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Normal Result after CoolSculpting?

Dear mbh6,Thank you for your question. Although swelling and some increase in size of an area treated with CoolSculpting is normal we would not expect to see it this far out from the procedure. In fact you are at the stage where you should be seeing close to the peak result. Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia (PAH) is a very rare but known complication from CoolSculpting that, if present, will show an increased size as well as hardness in a treated area. Best recommendation is to return to the clinic where you had your procedure, review your pre/post photos have an examination of your area of concern. This will give you the information you need to move forward. Be well.

Paul Pietro, MD
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Paradoxical adipose hyperplasia after Coolsculpting

This is a known phenomenon that is said to occur about a couple times in 10,000 treatments. I would discuss with your doctor and go over pictures. Treatment options include other technologies such as Vanquish, Sculpsure, or liposuction.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Coolsculpting question

Paradoxical hyperplasia also known as increase in the size of the treatment area is a rare side effect of cool sculpting. Call your provider and see them for an exam.

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Coolsculpting - increase in treated area

There is a rare side-effect after coolsculpting called paroxysmal adipose tissue hyperplasia.   This occurs very rarely and the tissue increase is in the shape of the applicator used.   This may not be the case; but it is a good idea to return to the doctor to be evaluated.  Swelling from coolsculpting doesn't last this long.  If your weight is unchanged, this may be the case.

Kyle Coleman, MD
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Area is Bigger after CoolSculpting

If the area is bigger and feels hard than it could be possible Paradoxical Adipose Hyperplasia. Follow up with the office where you were treated. Don't worry it's treatable but schedule an appointment to see your before and afters.

Robert G. Aycock, MD, FACS
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