What Wavelength of Laser or IPL Should Be Used?

What wavelength or setting of IPL or laser can I use to shrink my hair follicles? I don't want to remove my hair but just make it grow finer. If theoretically, most of the hair is in anagen?

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What wavelength of laser or IPL is best for "shrinking" hair follicles

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It is important that the following are present for best results:

1. Favorable anantomy- lighter skin and dark coarse hair

2. longer wavelength- NdYag Diode to reach deep enouugh to damage living portion of follicle

3. Adequate training and knowlege of laser operator.

see video answer below



Dr. Malouf

Wavelength for thinning hair

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The ideal wavelength for hair reduction is between 695nm-810nm.  You can't "shrink" the follicles and cause them to grow in thinner, but by removing about 15-20% of the total hair in any given area per treatment, what grows back will appear thinner. 

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