Is Wavefront LASIK Advisable for Me? Is There Any Another Alternative for People with Thin Cornea?

I have 547 and 549 micron corneas -6.50 (-1.00 Cyl) Lt and -7.25 (-1.25 Cyl). My eysight has been stable for 5 years and hasn't had any changes to the power in this time. The doctor whom I consulted 2 years before adviced me against LASIK siting the reason that the corneas of my eyes are too thin. I consulted another doctor recently and he suggested that it's possible to remove myopia completely by keeping the flap at 140 micron during Wavefront LASIK. Should I go for it? Is it advisable?

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ReLEx Lasik for thin corneas

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Hi Satish,

Yes, its true that people who had earlier been advised against thinner corneas can now undergo Lasik thanks to the newer technologies. Not just Wavefront Lasik, other technologies like Femto Lasik, ReLEx Lasik are also available for those with thinner corneas.

ReLEx is wavefront optimised by default. It is a minimally invasive, bladeless, flapless surgery which removes corneal tissue from a very tiny hole (about 4 mm), in the form of a small disc making it ideal for people with thinner corneas.

However, it should be noted that corneal thickness is not the only criteria which decides whether one is a suitable candidate. A thorough Lasik work up including tests for corneal surface, curvature, retina, eye pressure, eye muscle balance etc is a must before one can decide if a particular Lasik is advisable or not.

So the best solution would be to get yourself a thorough Lasik workup and an experienced Lasik Surgeon's opinion at a Lasik Centre that is well equipped with the latest Lasik technologies. 

Wishing you luck!

Warm Regards,

Dr Vandana Jain,

MS (Gold Medal), DNB, MNAMS, FLVPEI, FICO (Harvard USA), MBA (Stanford USA)

Director, Advanced Eye Hospital

India Ophthalmologist

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