Could Invisalign close multiple large gaps? (Photo)

I'm a 19 year old female considering Invisalign. Dentists have told me that I have teeth missing and that they will never come in, that's why I have so many large gaps. I really don't like the way my teeth look, so I'm hoping that Invisalign could help!

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Gaps and Invisalign

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Yes, it is possible for Invisalign to close the gaps but you need an evaluation to determine if that is the best decision. When closing large gaps on one arch(in your case the upper) we must also consider if after the gaps are closed will your teeth align properly in comparison to your lower teeth. It may cause your upper arch to look too narrow or small in comparison to the bottom arch and your teeth wont have proper function. You need to have a consultation to fully evaluate your teeth and see what your best option would be. You're more than welcome to come in for a free consultation and we will let you know what best fits your needs.

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