I had 2 upper blephs & my eyelids they are asymmetrical & stitching marks are wrinkly what can I do? (Photos)

Uneven eyelids , more skin on left eye , creases look wrinkly . Born with lazy eye can this affect surgery ? Also lashes turn down without being curled . They r curled in pic . What do u suggest

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This is fixable with the right surgeon.

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Your upper eyelid surgery has left you with upper eyelid ptosis.  The eyelid platform skin is not properly supported.  It needs to be snugged smooth against the firm structure of the eyelid platform called the tarsus.  This is done with a very specific procedure called an anchor blepharoplasty.  This is also precisely what is need to support the upper eyelid lashes so they don't droop and shade the top of the cornea which makes the eyes look dull and lifeless.  Then the ptosis is resolved, the eyebrows will relax to a more natural position.  They are unnaturally high now because the are compensating for the upper eyelid ptosis.  What the accompanying video.  It is graphic but is precisely shows how eyelids like yours are fixed.

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It is always best to see preop photos. Remember even when eyelids are treated, one thing that is done is to check that the eyes can close easily.  If too much skin is removed, then you might not be able to close completely which can lead to eye irritation and dry eye.

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Asymmetry after upper blepharoplasty

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If there is still some excess skin, you may be a candidate for revision surgery to try to improve the symmetry. You also have asymmetry in the amount of fullness in the superior sulcus (the area under the eyebrow just below the bone). Adding some filler material into this area can sometimes help symmetry as well. You would need an in person consultation to determine if you are a candidate.

Mitesh Kapadia, MD, PhD
Boston Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Still asymmetric after having 2 blepharoplasty procedures

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Thank you for sharing your question. Your eyelids are somewhat asymmetric following your operations. You could have a pinch more of skin removed from your right upper eyelid, but it might be better leaving your lids alone for awhile. Your lazy eye has not contributed to your condition. You will not be able to correct your eyelashes without having a complex procedure performed which is reserved for extreme situations. I hope this helps.
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